2017 AMPBA National Championships

We spent the last week attending the AMPBA National Championships in a small country town on the NSW/VIC border named Finley. Hosted by the Southern Riverina Model Power Boat Club (SRMPBC), we could not have anticipated a better event!  The SRMPBC committee put on an absolutely outstanding two days of testing and four days of […]

What’s in the workshop?

Apologies, things have been a little quite here on the RC Boat Builder website. Whilst we are extremely active on our Facebook Page we have neglected the website over the past nine months. It takes time to add content to the website and with things having been quite busy in the workshop. We have been using […]

AC Model Boats R42

AC Model Boats have a reputation for superior design and quality finishes. Owned and operated by Andy Stishenko, AC have been designing and manufacturing model power boats since 1983. Extremely popular throughout North America, the R42 catamaran is one of the most popular choices for modelers racing in the gas powered tunnel classes. Unfortunately being […]

Deltaforce Annihilator 53

We were appointed as a Deltaforce dealer in 2016 and have imported the entire range of their gas powered monos into Australia. Used by racers around Australia, these hulls have been designed with one thing in mind! Winning races and keeping costs below what you would expect to pay for a race winning hull. Manufactured in […]

Tuning a Walbro Carburetor

Carburetors require regular adjustment to ensure peak performance, and also to avoid an unsafe lean condition, which can prematurely damage your engine. If you find your top-end RPM’s have fallen off a bit, or if you experience lagging or surging, it is probably time to re-adjust the carb needles. The carburetor is provided with 3 […]

Hunter Valley Model Marine Club

The Hunter Valley Model Marine Club is situated in Maitland NSW.  Model boat races in Australia know the venue as Possums Puddle.  The HVMMC is one of the only model boat clubs in Australia with dedicated access to the pond everyday of the year. It boasts a great member base of people from Sydney to […]

Everingham Race Special Build

We have just posted up a complete build photo log of the new Everingham Race Special. This is the latest model boat from Gary and Bert Everingham. Forty-seven inches long and packing some serious punch.  This build was planned with performance in mind. Powered by one of the new full mod Torpedo Race Engines 29.5cc and the […]

Model Boat Club of NSW

The Model Boat Club of NSW was originally established in 1965 and currently calls the Sydney International Regatta Centre home. It’s regarded as some of the best water in the world for model boating due to consistently smooth conditions. Whilst the club thrives on nitro and electric classes, there are still many members running larger […]

Everingham ‘Race Special Edition’

We’ve been keeping this one under wraps for some time now, but are excited to finally share video footage of a brand new Australian made RC hull. The Everingham ‘Race Special Edition’ is in it’s final stages of development and last weekend we were invited to witness it’s first extensive water test. As you can see in the […]

Cheap and Easy Prop Box

We are starting to invest in bigger and more expensive props for our gas powered model boats. Until today they were being stored in a cheap and nasty lunch box. Finally we pulled the finger out and used some common sense to build a cheap and easy prop box to protect our investment.  All of […]

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