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Gizmo (GZR) Billet Bottom End Kit

Gizmo Billet Crank Case

Gizmo Billet Crank Case

We managed to get our hands on the latest release of the Gizmo GZR Billet bottom end kit. This is the second generation of water cooled Billet crank cases from Gizmo, following its predecessor being taken from the market back in 2015.

Moving on from the bearing issues with the first generation, Gizmo have openly boasted that V2 is the most diversified Billet crankcase on the market today. Capable of housing any marine style coil and the versatility to support most cranks on the market including the Zenoah tapered cranks.

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RCBB 1-Piece Stinger and Rudder (Strudder)


RCBB Strudder

Our friends at RC Boat Bitz are at it again, continuing to develop the RCBB OEM line of hardware for fast electric boats. The latest addition is a 1 piece stinger and rudder assembly, appropriately nick named the ‘strudder’.

Designed for mono’s between 30-40″, there is no simpler way to install a rudder and stinger on your new hull. Ready for a 3/16 drive line, the strudder comes with full angle adjustments and a interior mounting bracket for durability.

Our favourite feature is the ability to adjust the stinger height travel via 2 bolts threaded into the outside mounting plate.

As a result, you can make your fine tune adjustments without having to loosen nuts inside the boat. As always to read more and to see the detailed specifications and features of this great new product, simply click on the ‘more…’ button below.


Omen Zenoah Race Engines

Omen Zenoah

Omen Zenoah Engine

We are constantly chasing the best possible performance modifications available for our radio controlled model boats. Our petrol or gas powered RC boats all have Zenoah Marine engines installed.

Zenoah marine engines that come direct from the factory are not overly aggressive, instead they are setup and tuned to ensure longevity and consistent performance for the average recreational hobbyist.

The Omen Zenoah modified engines are extremely fast and ultra reliable packages that compare with any other modified Zenoah engine on the market today.

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RC Boat Bitz (RCBB)

RC Boat Bitz

RC Boat Bitz

RC Boat Bitz (RCBB) is an Australian owned and operated radio controlled model boat store. As a family run business, they have built their foundations on providing  customers with great service, quality products and an honest price.

Years of commitment to the hobby have positioned RCBB as  Australia’s leading and most trusted name in radio controlled scale boats and accessories.

Dedicated to their brand and reputation, RC Boat Bitz protect their customers by covering all of our products with liability insurance.  Peace of mind that you will not receive when buying online on eBay or from overseas fly by the night retailers.

Our personal experiences have with RCBB have shown their committed to challenging the status quo.  They have partnered with industry leading manufacturers to design and develop their own range of OEM scale boat parts.

These products have quickly been embraced by offshore retailers who carry the RC Boat Bitz range of products in their stores and websites around the world.

No matter if you’re looking for a spare part to get your boat running again or a complete ready to run package, RCBB are well stocked with everything you could ever possibly need to hit the water.

Hobbywing Seaking 180A V3

Hobbywing Seaking 180A

For many years now, we have used the Hobbywing Seaking ESC’s in our small to medium sized hulls. These electronic speed controllers have survived the hours of abuse that we have thrown at them. Allowing us to upgrade our motors, batteries and props without blowing up the all important speed controller.

In the past you were able to buy a re-branded version of the Hobbywing Seaking ESC named a Turnigy T180, but unfortunately Hobby King decided to no longer stock the product. However we have some great news today, our good friends at RC Boat Bitz now have stock in Australia of the genuine Hobbywing Seaking 180amp ESC!

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CC Racing Monster V2 Exhaust

CC Racing Monster V2

CC Racing Monster V2

The Monster V2 exhaust is the latest tuned pipe from CC Racing.  Following on from the success of the Powermaster and Monster V1, this stainless steel tuned pipe is one of the most powerful ‘off the shelf’ exhaust systems available for modified Zenoah marine engines.

In kit form the system comes complete with a no leak water cooled exhaust flange, 1″ O.D. stainless steel header, alloy tuned pipe clamp and of course the Monster V2 stainless steel tuned pipe with adjustable length internal stinger.

It not only looks the part but also provides monster performance, just like its name suggests. In short this kit provides extreme bottom end torque while turning high RPM on modified engines.

We took the opportunity to put the Monster V2 exhaust through its paces on one of our Omen Race Engines modified Zenoah G300 power units.

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Revolectrix Lipo Batteries


Revolectrix Lipo’s

As most of our regular visitors would know, we build big scale electric boats.  Often our hulls can weigh upto 10 KG’s fully loaded, powered by huge brushless setups that draw  50 Volts @ 260+ Amps in order to push the hulls beyond the 100 KMPH mark.

Whilst we run decent electronic setups,  the consistent failure point has always been our Lipo batteries.  As the ‘Doctor’ would say, we have had to ‘burn and learn’ many lessons trying to find powerful enough Lipo batteries for our rc boats.

Most recently we discovered a new blend of Lipo cells on the market manufactured by Revoblends, the brain child of John Grzan.  John has been involved with the development of Lithium since 1994 when he co-developed Lithium High Rete cells with Kokam in Korea. Moving from Melbourne, Australia to Singapore he set up a production facility for LiPO batteries and chargers in Batam Indonesia.

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Swordfish 300a Pro + ESC

Swordfish 300a Pro+

Swordfish 300a Pro+

Over the past couple of years we have had the pleasure of trying more than a couple dozen different Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC) for electric RC boats. We have fried many, loved a few and not even bothered installing a few more.

For our latest builds we needed something top of the line with plenty of grunt to power our big heavy 45” Everingham hulls.   Searching for an economical yet reliable unit, the first name that came to mind was Swordfish!

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Spektrum DX3C Radio


Spektrum DX3C

They key to a perfect setup lies within your radio gear. A smooth and responsive radio will assist in gliding your boat through the water.

Here at RC Boat Builder we have played with a lot of different radio’s from the $25 HobbyKing specials all the way through to the $500 Spektrum DX4S.

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RC Boat Bitz (RCBB) 200a 2-7S ESC

Update – 13/03/2017:  RC Boats Bitz have simplified their line of ESC’s in order to reduce over heads, this ESC is no longer available.

Lets kick off our first product review with a speed controller from RC Boat Bitz in Australia.

I have had the opportunity to run a handful of different speed controllers over the past couple of months in various different hulls. They have included brands such as; Seaking, Turnigy (Marine & Aquastar), Birdie and Swordfish.  They were a mixed bag of quality and value for money but the only brand that I encountered problems with has been Swordfish surprisingly enough.

After receiving two basically dead on arrival Swordfish speed controllers, the kind staff at RC Boat Bitz gave me the opportunity to try out their RCBB 200amp 2-7S Speed Controller.



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