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AC Model Boats R42

AC Model Boats have a reputation for superior design and quality finishes. Owned and operated by Andy Stishenko, AC have been designing and manufacturing model power boats since 1983.
Extremely popular throughout North America, the R42 catamaran is one of the most popular choices for modelers racing in the gas powered tunnel classes.

Unfortunately being based in British Columbia, Canada. It’s not an easy task to get your hands on a genuine AC Model Boat here in Australia.  Fortunately, through months of research we managed to find an economical shipping route to get our hands on the latest version of the R42 (now 43″ inches long).

Click here to see the complete build of the AC Model Boats R42 catamaran 43″ race tunnel.

Deltaforce Annihilator 53

We were appointed as a Deltaforce dealer in 2016 and have imported the entire range of their gas powered monos into Australia. Used by racers around Australia, these hulls have been designed with one thing in mind!

Winning races and keeping costs below what you would expect to pay for a race winning hull.
Manufactured in Hong Kong from a specialist composite workshop, the quality of these hulls is fantastic.

Click here to see the complete build of the Deltaforce Annihilator 53″ race mono.

Tuning a Walbro Carburetor

Carburetors require regular adjustment to ensure peak performance, and also to avoid an unsafe lean condition, which can prematurely damage your engine. If you find your top-end RPM’s have fallen off a bit, or if you experience lagging or surging, it is probably time to re-adjust the carb needles.

The carburetor is provided with 3 adjust screws they may need a little adjustment depending on the temperature, atmospheric pressure (altitude), etc. of the area where the engine is used.



Cheap and Easy Prop Box

Prop Box

Prop Box

We are starting to invest in bigger and more expensive props for our gas powered model boats. Until today they were being stored in a cheap and nasty lunch box. Finally we pulled the finger out and used some common sense to build a cheap and easy prop box to protect our investment.  All of the parts used should be easily available from your local hardware store.

A simple and effective case that you can lug around to your local boating spot.  Not bad for the same price as a case of beer! Click on more below to see the full photo tutorial.


How to replace a Walbro carburettor shaft

Torpedo Stainless Carb Shaft

Torpedo Stainless Carb Shaft

Today we are going to install a Torpedo Stainless Steel shaft into our Walbro 1048 carburettor.

The Torpedo Stainless Steel throttle shafts replace the factory brass shaft in the Walbro carburettor that is prone to breaking. The Torpedo shafts feature a precision cut out on the opposite side of the butterfly disc to allow more flow through your carburettor. To assist in securing your throttle arm, both ends of the shaft are threaded to fit a M3 bolt. No longer will you need to rely on a tiny grub screw to secure your throttle arm.

Like usual, simply click on the ‘more…’ button below to see the tutorial.


Fuel IV Bag System


Fuel Bag System

Here at RCBoatBuilder we are split down the middle on two different methods of fuelling our modified Zenoah engines in our RC boats.  Daniel uses modified nitro gas tanks to store the fuel in his hulls and Aaron uses modified medical grade intravenous bags.

Today’s how-to guide covers the intravenous (baxter) bag option.  IV bags, fuel bags, fuel cells, gas bags and fuel bladders; are a group of commonly used names for polypropylene bags that can store fuel in RC boats. For the purpose of this article we will refer to them as a fuel bag.

One of the primary benefits of running a fuel bag setup is that it creates a closed fuel system. Standard vented gas tanks are susceptible to inhaling water in the unfortunate event of you flipping or sinking your RC boat.

As always to read more and to see photos of a fuel bag installation, simply click on the ‘more…’ button below.


45″ Thurgarcraft Build (Petrol 30cc)

Thurgarcraft 45" Open Deck

Thurgarcraft 45″ Open Deck

Last month we built our first gas boat, this month we build another 45″ Thurgarcraft open deck with a Zenoah G300PUM.  You ask why?  Well this time we are throwing in a pretty serious engine combo to see if we can challenge our 111kmph record, set by the electric version of this hull.

In order to challenge the record we have sourced what we think are the fastest modified Zenoah’s in Australia.  None other than the Omen Race Enginge, combined with a CC Racing Monster V2 exhaust coupled with a Gizmo Racing Walbro 1048 modified carburetor.

As always, click on ‘more…’ below to view all of the photos we took during the build and of course a video of the finished product.


50″ Everingham Build (Electric 12S)

1 (1024x768)

Garry Everingham Hull

We have been hard at work in the shed putting together another large scale electric boat.  This particular hull is a genuine Garry Everingham EVO50.

This is first of many new designs that Garry will be releasing in 2015 and a big upgrade from the EVO50 from the late 90’s.

Picking up the bare hull earlier this year from the Everingham Festival held in Sydney, Australia.  We were immediately drawn to the sharp lines and quality craftsmanship.

As always, click on ‘more…’ below to view all of the photos we took during the build and of course a video of the finished product.


45″ Thurgarcraft (Petrol 30cc)

1 (1024x768)

Thurgarcraft EVO45 Hull

Our first large scale electric builds were assembled with EVO45 capsules built by our friends at Thurgarcraft.  We love these hulls, particularly at high speed where they need to be driven.

Finally getting the bug to build some more gas boats, we managed to get our hands on two more  EVO45 ‘s but this time with an open deck design. The open deck is better suited to a gas powered setup, allowing the power unit to breathe.

For this particular hull, we installed a stock Zenoah G300PUM using a quick release motor mount, fueled by an IV bag system.

As always, click on ‘more…’ below to view all of the photos we took during the build and of course a video of the finished product.


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