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Everingham ‘Race Special Edition’

We’ve been keeping this one under wraps for some time now, but are excited to finally share video footage of a brand new Australian made RC hull. The Everingham ‘Race Special Edition’ is in it’s final stages of development and last weekend we were invited to witness it’s first extensive water test.

As you can see in the footage, this is not your average scale replica of the full scale Everingham hulls. Instead Gary and Bert Everingham have been hard at work over the past six months building a competitive race mono.  Based on the results of last weekends water test, it’s safe to say they are onto something great with this hull!

Torpedo Race Engines Video

Checkout the video of one of our basher boats packing some serious punch with a new Torpedo Race Engines 29.5cc Zenoah.

Shake down – MCM 46″ Catamaran

Quite a few of the boys headed down to the flooded Hawkesbury river this morning for a run (we are not scared), unfortunately our footage was average at best (blame Aaron). However here is a quick video of the new MCM 46″ Cat shaking down a fresh 29.5cc motor.

Will most likely pull out this 29.5cc motor and swap it for a fresh 30.5cc in the coming days. The video shows a very mild tune on the needles. However keep posted, fairly confident you will see these hulls hauling ass in the coming weeks!

45″ Typhoon ‘Super Big’ Mono

Recently we have been supplied with a bunch of hulls from Typhoon.  A brand of model power rc boat hulls and hardware from Thailand, very popular in South East Asia.  These hulls are sharp and designed for fast point to point racing. Here is a quick video of Dan from RC Boat Builder running the ‘Super Big’ mono powered by a Torpedo Zenoah engine.

40″ Mono – Modified Zenoah G300

We went for a short run this morning, here is a video of the Thurgarcraft 40″ powered by a modified Zenoah G300. Second run, still allot of dialling in to go, but it’s coming along really nice.

You can find all of the photos taken during the build process of this boat here.

Upgrade Genesis Catamaran to 3/16


HobbyKing Genesis

The Genesis catamaran is a very popular RC boat here in Australia.  Built by TFL Hobby and retailed by HobbyKing, it represents good value for money at $300 AUD.

Typically sold ‘Almost Ready to Run’ (ARTR) you will almost certainly need to add your own Electronic Speed Controller (ESC), Servo and Lithium Polymer (Lipo) batteries.


Fast Electric Race Day Lakeside 2014

We stumbled across a great video on YouTube tonight uploaded by a bloke named ‘joker rc’, the video contains footage of a Fast Electric Race Day at Lakeside in 2014.

A ton of great boats out there ripping it up, check it out below!

Electric Tug Boat with Control Deck!

Electric Tug Boat

Electric Tug Boat FPV

Over the past weekend we went out for a run at our local pond, ‘Norwest Lake’ situated in the heart of North / West Sydney, a stones throw from the Sydney Ice Arena or more famous Hillsong Church headquarters.

To our surprise on Sunday we came across a lovely old bloke who has been hard at work over past few months building up his electronic tug boat. However this is no ordinary setup, old mate has spent months leveraging his electronics knowledge to build a complete control deck for his setup!

Click on ‘Continue Reading’ to see this piece of work in action!


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