50″ Mono – Genuine Everingham


50″ Everingham Mono

We picked up two new bare hulls this past weekend. They are 50″ mono’s built by Garry Everingham out of Singleton NSW, Australia.
For a very reasonable $400 AUD, these hulls represent good value for money.

The hulls appear to be built very well using Gary’s own design and manufacturing process. The end result is one beautiful scale boat!

Be sure to check  back over the following weeks for a complete build log on the two hulls and of course some videos!

We will be building two of these lovely hulls, the first with a high powered electric setup and the second using a gas setup.  Our first gas boat here at RC Boat Builder!

Unfortunately whilst we are really impressed with the hulls and quality, the same can not be said about the manufacturer. We had a fallen out with him, simply because we decided to build the hulls using our own setup.  You would assume that would be your right buying a bare hull from someone, that you could build it the way you want too!

If we wanted to buy boats already setup, or setup using the manufacturers recommendations we would buy big name brands that come ready to run.  Instead we like to have our own fun, do things the way we want to and see if it will work! Old mate couldn’t handle that and had a hizzy fit.  None the less, these are great bloody hulls, hit Garry up if you want one. Just be prepared to cop some phone calls if you don’t build it his way!