Gizmo (GZR) Billet Bottom End Kit

Gizmo Billet Crank Case

Gizmo Billet Crank Case

We managed to get our hands on the latest release of the Gizmo GZR Billet bottom end kit. This is the second generation of water cooled Billet crank cases from Gizmo, following its predecessor being taken from the market back in 2015.

Moving on from the bearing issues with the first generation, Gizmo have openly boasted that V2 is the most diversified Billet crankcase on the market today. Capable of housing any marine style coil and the versatility to support most cranks on the market including the Zenoah tapered cranks.

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Opening the FedEx parcel from Gizmo, it’s hard not too loose yourself in the moment.  Our two units were both shipped with the new GZR +1mm cranks and boasting the highly anticipated four bearing configuration. The shine of the American made Billet filled our eyes with bling and the smooth roll of the crank in the case was like nothing else! We certainly didn’t feel any buyers remorse on first inspection!

Ready to put the cases to work, we striped out the GZR cranks and replaced them with  Zenoah +2mm stroke cranks.  There is no replacement for displacement, so it made sense to build some wild 30.5cc torque monsters to put these babies to work.

Assembling our new donks was seamless. Every thread on the cases was perfect and the metric bolts throughout made it a simple job for us Aussies.  To finish off the builds we popped on the new Torpedo Zenoah 30.5cc heads and Gizmo’s Walbro 1048 mod carbs.  Our weapon of choice on this occasion was the 46″ sprint cat from MCM Racing.

 GZR Billet Bottom End Kit

GZR Billet Bottom End Kit

Installed and ready to run, we were eager to heat cycle the new engines in preparation for our weekly boating session on the weekend.  All of this excitement was quickly dropped onto it’s head as we had issues trying to get the carburettor to pull fuel.  Long story short, the next few days were spent changing absolutely everything you could ever imagine on a quest to overcome the issue. Unfortunately for us, we were not able to overcome the issue and then started to witness others online encountering the same issue.

To Gizmo’s credit, they have worked with us to try and overcome the problem, but to date we have not yet found a solution.   As an interim measure, we were able to start the motor with a WYK-33 carburettor with a bulb to throw some fuel into the engine.  However as the 1048 is our carburettor of choice to run in motors, we have not yet been able to hit the river with them.

Watch this space for further updates, we will continue to chat with Tim from Gizmo to see what they can work out from their end.  As another last ditch effort, we will buy the new Walbro WT 1107”s which have a bulb on them to see if they are a suitable candidate.

Not a great result, but hey these things happened when you try to get your hands on the latest and greats parts early!