Upgrade Genesis Catamaran to 3/16


HobbyKing Genesis

The Genesis catamaran is a very popular RC boat here in Australia.  Built by TFL Hobby and retailed by HobbyKing, it represents good value for money at $300 AUD.

Typically sold ‘Almost Ready to Run’ (ARTR) you will almost certainly need to add your own Electronic Speed Controller (ESC), Servo and Lithium Polymer (Lipo) batteries.

If your reading this how-to guide before purchasing your Genesis, we would recommend a 6S lipo setup and an ESC capable of at least 180 amps.  You will find links below to the products we have used to complete our setups with great success.

Out of the box the Genesis is a very capable hull that with minimal modification can easily crack the 100kmph mark.  However there is one common failure point everyone seems to experience once you really start to push the speed.  The fault is the 4mm drive shaft which is only really designed for a 4S lipo setup.

Click on ‘Continue Reading’ below to learn how to upgrade the drive shaft to a 3/16 setup!

OK, so you are ready to upgrade your Genesis catamaran to a 3/16 drive shaft to ensure that it will be capable of really stretching the boundaries of your 6s lipo setup!

The Ingredients!

The RCBB upgrade kit includes absolutely everything you will need to turn your factory TFL Genesis into a rock solid speed hunter. The kit includes;RC Boat Bitz Package

  • One piece 3/16 drive shaft.
  • 3/16 replacement strut.
  • Larger dual pickup rudder.
  • 3/16 collet.
  • 9/32 brass tube
  • Teflon tube.
  • Dog drive.


The Installation Process:


Checkout a video that our friends at RCBoatBitz.com.au recently uploaded to their YouTube channel.