What’s in the workshop?

Apologies, things have been a little quite here on the RC Boat Builder website. Whilst we are extremely active on our Facebook Page we have neglected the website over the past nine months. It takes time to add content to the website and with things having been quite busy in the workshop. We have been using Facebook as the primary way to keep everyone up to date. If your a Facebook user, make sure you jump on the page and give it a like.

So with that in mind, what have we been busy building? Well quite a few different hulls.  Ranging from Deltaforce monos, Stryker catamarans and most recently Zipp Kits wooden outriggers.
Twelve months ago we started racing at a club level and are now throwing our hats in the ring at various trophy events.  That experience has lead us into building a trailer full of race pedigree hulls.

We are thoroughly enjoying the club racing events and the opportunity to network with like minded individuals with a ton of experience!  Still relatively new to the trophy events, we remain respectful of the other competitors on the water, while we learn the techniques, tips and tricks to become competitive racers.

If you are a hobbyist in Australia, we would encourage you to reach out to your local club. You will be more than surprised at how welcoming the community of model boaters are within Australia.

The Australian  Model Power Boat Association website contains all of the details you require to make contact with your local club.