50″ Mono – Genuine Everingham


50″ Everingham Mono

We picked up two new bare hulls this past weekend. They are 50″ mono’s built by Garry Everingham out of Singleton NSW, Australia.
For a very reasonable $400 AUD, these hulls represent good value for money.

The hulls appear to be built very well using Gary’s own design and manufacturing process. The end result is one beautiful scale boat!

Be sure to check  back over the following weeks for a complete build log on the two hulls and of course some videos!


Swordfish 300a Pro + ESC

Swordfish 300a Pro+

Swordfish 300a Pro+

Over the past couple of years we have had the pleasure of trying more than a couple dozen different Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC) for electric RC boats. We have fried many, loved a few and not even bothered installing a few more.

For our latest builds we needed something top of the line with plenty of grunt to power our big heavy 45” Everingham hulls.   Searching for an economical yet reliable unit, the first name that came to mind was Swordfish!

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45″ Thurgarcraft (Electric 12S)

Everingham 45" Hull

Everingham 45″ Hull

Over the last few weeks we have been busy assembling two new hulls here at RC Boat Builder! Not just any old hulls may I add, but scaled down versions of the Australian designed Everingham or Evo as some will call them here.

These hulls at 45″ are very common in the gas powered groups, tried and tested over many years. I’m not claiming we are the first to set them up electric but there certainly isn’t too many floating around!

A complete build log can be found by clicking ‘Continue Reading’ below!


Fast Electric Race Day Lakeside 2014

We stumbled across a great video on YouTube tonight uploaded by a bloke named ‘joker rc’, the video contains footage of a Fast Electric Race Day at Lakeside in 2014.

A ton of great boats out there ripping it up, check it out below!

TFL Pursuit (Electric)

Electric Tug Boat with Control Deck!

Electric Tug Boat

Electric Tug Boat FPV

Over the past weekend we went out for a run at our local pond, ‘Norwest Lake’ situated in the heart of North / West Sydney, a stones throw from the Sydney Ice Arena or more famous Hillsong Church headquarters.

To our surprise on Sunday we came across a lovely old bloke who has been hard at work over past few months building up his electronic tug boat. However this is no ordinary setup, old mate has spent months leveraging his electronics knowledge to build a complete control deck for his setup!

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Spektrum DX3C Radio


Spektrum DX3C

They key to a perfect setup lies within your radio gear. A smooth and responsive radio will assist in gliding your boat through the water.

Here at RC Boat Builder we have played with a lot of different radio’s from the $25 HobbyKing specials all the way through to the $500 Spektrum DX4S.

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R2 Hobbies 36″ Silver Fox Catamaran

R2 Hobbies Silver Fox

R2 Hobbies Silver Fox

Summer is here in Australia, we are pretty lucky to have daylight from 6.30am until 9:00pm thanks to daylight savings!  This leaves us with plenty of time to hit the pond after work and on the weekends.

We have not posted an update in a little why so we thought we would upload some photos of our latest build.  We have not completed a full build log as this is the fourth catamaran we have assembled from the R2 Hobbies 36″ Silver Fox  hull.

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Get started with RC boats (Electric).

RC Boating

RC Boating

Getting started in the remote controlled boating hobby doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive, there are an array of entry level packages that come with absolutely everything you will need.

These are often a good way to gauge your interest in the hobby and see if you will enjoy it as much as we do. In my opinion your not wasting your money here, if you enjoy the hobby in the long run you will most likely get a kick out of running your very first boat well into the future.

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