Build Log: 30.5″ F1 Tunnel Boat (Electric 6S)

We have recently built four of these  30.5” F1 Tunnels from R2 Hobbies.  Whilst they are quite cheap to acquire, they do take a little bit of re-enforcing in order to build the strength required to power them using a 6S setup!






SeaKing ESC 180 amp (T180) half throttle

T180-ESCWith summer just around the corner here in Australia, It’s time to get the boats back out of hibernation and serviced ready for another glorious RC boating season!

One of the big problems I experienced last summer was my old faithful Turnigy 180 amp speed controllers falling into protection / limp mode.  Basically this meant that the boat would not go beyond half throttle as the ESC was trying to protect itself from a perceived voltage drop/error from the lipo batteries.

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36″ Twin Prop Catamaran (Electric 4S)

Twin Prop

Twin Prop

After recently completing the build of our carbon fibre genesis 900 single motor hull, we decided it was time to tackle a dual prop setup.  One thing we were not happy with the genesis hull was it’s stability at high speed and around corners.  Doing some research online we should a fairly cheap chinese hull that was of simular size and build quality to the TFL genesis but was much wider.

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Genesis custom paint job

Tonight we bring you a build log of Brad from Sydney’s, custom painted Genesis.

This boat was purchased as a bare hull from Hobby King with one goal, to build a Genesis that will crack 150kmph.  Brad has named the boat ‘1FIDDY’ of course.

His goal should be reachable with the plan of running a minimum10S lipo configuration on a 1600kv motor.  Even just sitting in the dry dock this thing looks fast!

Make sure you checkout the entire build!


RC Boat Bitz (RCBB) 200a 2-7S ESC

Update – 13/03/2017:  RC Boats Bitz have simplified their line of ESC’s in order to reduce over heads, this ESC is no longer available.

Lets kick off our first product review with a speed controller from RC Boat Bitz in Australia.

I have had the opportunity to run a handful of different speed controllers over the past couple of months in various different hulls. They have included brands such as; Seaking, Turnigy (Marine & Aquastar), Birdie and Swordfish.  They were a mixed bag of quality and value for money but the only brand that I encountered problems with has been Swordfish surprisingly enough.

After receiving two basically dead on arrival Swordfish speed controllers, the kind staff at RC Boat Bitz gave me the opportunity to try out their RCBB 200amp 2-7S Speed Controller.



First completed build log submitted!

The first build log has been published on the website this afternoon.  It details the journey of a TFL Genesis catamaran from a bare hull, all the way thru to a ready to run boat. Check out the photos and commentary here.


We are also publishing two more builds this week, one a twin prop RC Boat Bitz Catamaran and the second a R2Hobbies F1 tunnel with a huge outboard!

If you are interesting in sharing your build and have photos and commentary ready to submit, get intouch with us today so we can share it!

Carbon Fibre Genesis 900 (Electric 6S)

TFL Genesis

TFL Genesis

My first RC boat was a fibre glass Genesis purchased from hobby king. These hulls come prebuilt and you simply drop in your own electronics such as a speed controller, motor, batteries and radio gear. Over the following weeks, I found myself on the hunt for more and more speed. In order to achieve my goals, I found myself completing modifications to the hull. These included upgrading the driveline, steering and battery mounts. After completing these mods successfully, I decided it was time to tackle my first scratch build of an RC boat.

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