SeaKing ESC 180 amp (T180) half throttle

T180-ESCWith summer just around the corner here in Australia, It’s time to get the boats back out of hibernation and serviced ready for another glorious RC boating season!

One of the big problems I experienced last summer was my old faithful Turnigy 180 amp speed controllers falling into protection / limp mode.  Basically this meant that the boat would not go beyond half throttle as the ESC was trying to protect itself from a perceived voltage drop/error from the lipo batteries.

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The Turnigy 180 amp (T180) speed controllers are renowned for this problem.  Most of the seasoned professionals on the various online forums contribute the problem to the Low Voltage Cut (LVC) kicking in too early.

There are a lot of reason why this might be occurring such as; a poorly configured battery/motor/esc combo or a prop too large drawing far too much current.   However, if you are like me and have spent hours planning and researching your setup, you might benefit from reading the steps I have taken to resolve the problem below.

Possible solutions:

  • Raise your prop if you have an adjustable strut, you are looking to raise it as high as it can go without the prop starting to cavitate.  This should reduce the stress on the ESC and/or lipo batteries enough that the LVC will not kick in on the ESC.
  • Use a programming card to turn-off the LVC protection on the ESC, obviously this comes with the risk that you may over discharge your lipo batteries. A risk that I was not looking to take, however with the installation of a lipo battery low voltage alarm available from Hobby King I was satisfied it was a risk worth taking.


  •  If your setup is running 6S, you might like to take some strain off the ESC by disabling the on-board BEC.  To do this you simply remove the red wire from the ESC’s cable that goes into the receiver. As a result you will either need to run an external BEC or install a lipo receiver battery.  I opted with the later in my case.